Google’s Grand Central Set to Launch Soon

Google Voice Set to LaunchAlthough this might appear slightly irrelevant to the Erewhon project, Google’s new Voice service (known as ‘Grand Central’ in a previous life) is set to relaunch soon.

So what exactly does Google Voice do? It’s essentially a single phone number which can be linked instantly to all your possible numbers and messaging services. The average person changes their mobile phone number several times during the course of their life which is at great pain to their contacts and indeed adds costs with the reprinting of business cards etc. Google Voice gives you is the ability to change your mobile phone numbers as you please but allows you to keep one public number and forwards your calls accordingly.

Other features include being able to selectively direct known people to different numbers. Your business contacts could all be directed to your work phone number, wheras everyone else could be directed to your mobile. Text messaging can also be forwaded and Voicemails can be automatically transcribed to text and emailed to you. This is certainly a tool that could change how people use their telephone services in the future.

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