Microsoft’s Sense Cam [via Techcrunch]

A device that you wear around your neck, photographs, geo-locates,
auto-tags and then automatically uploads your life to the cloud?
That’s what Microsoft Research at Cambridge came up with some time ago
with the “Sensecam”. Techcrunch makes a good point in saying that
although the concept of wearing such a device may seem rather horrific
to many people today, people of yesteryear would have been
uncomfortable making their personal photo albums available for the
world to see as we do with places such as Facebook and Flickr.
I think the concept is certainly pertinent and now is almost
inevitable, as a serious photographer I carry a GPS logger with me
whenever I go taking photographs and whenever I travel great distances
I like to keep a log of where I went for future reference. I would
quite like this information available to my ancestors to come too, so
a device like the sense cam would only make recording it easier.
Of course recording every minute of your day would certainly involve
storing a lot of pointless data, so you would need tools to help sift
through the data. One of the features the Sensecam concept
incorporated was that of ambient sensors to trigger recording only
when significant events happened, e.g. a change in lighting,
temperature or movement.
[Via TechCrunch]

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