OxPoints and the Semantic Web

November 22, 2008

In OxPoints – Providing geodata for the University of Oxford I told you about the old OxPoints system which is currently providing geolinking information for the University of Oxford and talked about what is wrong with it and why we want to start from scratch to create a new OxPoints.

Before we start talking about solutions let’s start off by defining what we want the new system to look like:

Blackfriars College on Google Maps

Blackfriars Hall on Google Maps

As we have seen, the old OxPoints system stores geo- and some additional information (such as for example images and postal addresses) on all 38 colleges and the other important university entities. It is able to export its information as KML (an XML based language for expressing geographic annotations) which can be imported into, for example, Google Maps or Google Earth. A simple frontend allows users to query the data and display the results directly in either Google Maps or Google Earth, or as KML.

But even though it wouldn’t tell you, the old system is already a bit more powerful than that. Let’s have a look at a typical OxPoints record like the one on Blackfriars: Read the rest of this entry »