Gripe: Surveymonkey and iPhone

November 13, 2008
It won't let me input!

It won't let me input!

Whilst travelling on public transport this morning, I wanted to check how one of our surveys was doing on I opened up mobile Safari on an iPhone and headed over to survey monkey and proceeded to login, only I couldn’t actually type anything into the login window. It appears that survey monkey’s login window is actually a javascript window which creates a rather nice opaque overlay of the rest of the page to draw attention to the box. But for some reason, Apple’s Safari will not allow input into the said box despite displaying it perfectly.

A quick investigation using lynx shows that the login functions are entirely javascript based. Apple’s mobile Safari is supposed to implement virtually every aspect of the desktop version (which incidentally handles the page fine), if this is true then the problem lies with the UI aspect of the browser. However it’s worth noting that surveymonkey’s xhtml does not validate well on W3C’s checks so perhaps it’s a combination of problems.

If you know of any websites that appear to work fine on desktop Safari but not on the mobile (excluding flash and java obviously), please drop a comment below.